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Found 5 results

  1. Top helpdesk software solutions: 1. Zendesk 2. HappyFox 3. Help Scout 4. KB Support 5. JIRA Service Management 6. Salesforce Service Cloud 7. Slack 8. Huddle 9. Guru 10. Document 360
  2. Free features of Cloud flare are- 1. DNS hosting - DNS is responsible for translating domain names into IP address, Cloud flare provides DNS hosting to manage DNS records, and Cloud flare records come into effect very fast in most the cases. 2. CDN - Content Delivery Network is a service that caches your website and serves the website from geographically the nearest server which in turn increases the loading speed of the website. 3. SSL/TLS – Cloud flare provides free SSL for the domain name and wildcard sub domains for 3rd level in the hostname for free 4. Firewall - Limited to 5 rules Cloud flare firewall provides a way to block traffic using IP address, hostname, known bots, URI, and more. 5. Page rules - Limited to 3 rules Pages rules provide different functions like redirects, HTTPS rewrites, and more. 6. Apps - Created by developers, Cloud flare apps provide different functionalities with just a click of the button. 7. Analytics – Cloud flare analytics provide simple analytics for your website 8. Registrar – Cloud flare provides domain registration for wholesale price with free Who is redaction 9. Workers - The server less functions running in languages like JavaScript, C, C++, and Rust.
  3. Cloud flare is an Internet infrastructure provider, whose idea is to enhance the security, performance, and reliability of anything connected to the Internet. Cloud flare most of the core features for free and provides and simple setup for installing and using it. Cloud flare has both UI and API for managing your website.
  4. Benefits of Cloud Migration Services 1. Increased agility and flexibility 2. Ability to innovate faster 3. Easing of increasing resource demands 4. Better managing of increased customer expectations 5. Reduction in costs 6. Deliver immediate business results 7. Simplify IT 8. Shift to everything as-a-service 9. Better consumption management 10. Cloud scalability 11. Improved performance
  5. Cloud migration is the process of moving digital business operations into the cloud. Cloud migration is sort of like a physical move, except it involves moving data, applications, and IT processes from some data centers to other data centers, instead of packing up and moving physical goods. Much like a move from a smaller office to a larger one, cloud migration requires quite a lot of preparation and advance work, but usually it ends up being worth the effort, resulting in cost savings and greater flexibility.
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