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  1. Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers bid to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, or videos to web users. It can place ads both in the results of search engines like Google Search (the Google Search Network) and on non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos (the Google Display Network). Services are offered under a pay-per-click (PPC) pricing model.
  2. Best Logo Design Tool/Software: 1. Adobe Illustrator 2. Logo Design Studio Pro 3. Designhill 4. Canva 5. Tailor Brands 6. Canva 7. Hatchful
  3. Best Email Marketing tools: 1. HubSpot Email Marketing 2. Sender 3. Sendinblue 4. Omnisend 5. SendPulse 6. Benchmark Email 7. Mailchimp 8. MailerLite 9. Mailjet 10. Moosend 11. EmailOctopus
  4. Adbrite is an easy online advertising program that brings advertisers and website publishers together for their mutual benefit. This technique is useful for both the Advertisers and Website Owners. Advertisers can purchase ad packages and have their ads placed on a number of robust participating websites. Website owners can have paid ads placed on their websites and earn money from the ad.
  5. The benefits of image sharing in SEO are: 1. Increased search results. 2. Increase click-through rate. 3. Reach people in less time. 4. Make text or information stand out. 5. Humanize your business. 6. Showcase products and/or services.
  6. Online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of crafting strategies that shape or influence the public perception of an organization, individual or other entity on the Internet. It helps drive public opinion about a business and its products and services.
  7. Role of SEO in Digital marketing The role of SEO to increase exposure of your company to potential customers on search engines. A person who is responsible for your company’s SEO efforts will analyze and implement different website strategies in order to improve your ranking for certain topics or keywords. When customers are searching for specific services online through Google or other search engines, you want to ensure that your company is listed in the search engine results pages (SERPs), so that they can find you. If you’re on page 70 of the SERPs, then a potential customer likely won’t be able to find your company and click through to your website.
  8. Site analysis is a preliminary phase of architectural and urban design processes dedicated to the study of the climatic, geographical, historical, legal, and infrastructural context of a specific site. The result of this analytic process is a summary, usually a graphical sketch, which sets in relation the relevant environmental information with the morphology of the site in terms of parcel, topography, and built environment. This result is then used as a starting point for the development of environment-related strategies during the design process. A number of graphical tools for site analysis have been developed to assist designers in this task.
  9. Customer acquisition is the process of acquiring new customers for business or converting existing prospect into new customers. The importance of customer acquisition varies according to the specific business situation of an organization. This process is specifically concerned with issues like acquiring customers at less cost, acquiring as many customers as possible, acquiring customers who are indigenous and business oriented, acquiring customers who utilize newer business channels etc.
  10. Lead generation tools in digital space: 1. Google ads 2. Facebook ads 3. LinkedIn Ads 4. Twitter Ads 5. Data.com 6. Quora 7. Instapage 8. Mailchimp 9. Leadfeeder 10. Growbots
  11. Image sharing, or photo sharing, is the publishing or transfer of digital photos online. Image sharing websites offer services such as uploading, hosting, managing and sharing of photos (publicly or privately). This function is provided through both websites and applications that facilitate the upload and display of images. The term can also be loosely applied to the use of online photo galleries that are set up and managed by individual users, including photo blogs. Sharing means that other users can view but not necessarily download images, and users can select different copyright options for their images.
  12. A breadcrumb is a small text path, often located at the top of a page indicating where the user is on the site. This breadcrumb trail immediately shows you where you are. Every step of that path is clickable, all the way back to the homepage.
  13. Things You Need to Stop Doing in Your Marketing Emails: 1. Generic subject lines 2. Images that don’t display properly 3. Usage of “noreply” emails 4. Generic salutations 5. Misleading content in marketing emails 6. No call-to-action 7. Multiple marketing emails with the same content 8. No option to unsubscribe from marketing emails 9. Not segmenting the customers for marketing emails 10. Having generic content
  14. Best Strategies to Maximize SEO ROI: 1. Identify your goals to measure SEO ROI 2. Get to know your customers 3. Research your target keywords 4. Create informative and optimized content 5. Build connections 6. Utilize local SEO for higher ROI 7. Make your website fast, responsive, and accessible 8. Measure your SEO ROI 9. Be flexible
  15. RSS stands for “straightforward syndication” or, depending on who you ask, “rich site summary.” At its heart, RSS refers to simple text files with necessary, updated information news pieces, articles, that sort of thing. That stripped-down content gets plugged into a feed reader, an interface that quickly converts the RSS text files into a stream of the latest updates from around the web.
  16. Google Suggest, now called Google Autocomplete, is the feature offered by Google that shows relevant search suggestions while typing in a search term. This feature suggests possible relevant searches based on various factors, including past searches, popular searches and the search terms the user has already typed.
  17. Classifieds is an on-line advertising technique used to promote the new business and site. Classified Submission is off page SEO technique Classifieds are techniques for on-line promotion of our brands, products and services. Classifieds are helps in generating organic traffic on a website. Classifieds are increase the exposure or popularity of a website in search engines.
  18. Digital Marketing Trends to Know in 2022: 1. Interactive Content 2. Conversational Marketing 3. Voice Search 4. Hybrid Gatherings and Events 5. Social Media Stories 6. Geo-fencing 7. First-Party Cookies 8. Environmentally Responsible Marketing 9. Creator Collaborations 10. Quantum Computing 11. Human-First Data Experiences 12. Progressive Web Apps 13. Security as a Priority 14. Diversity and Representation
  19. Simple Steps to Increase Your Domain Authority: 1: Choose a Good Domain Name 2: Optimize Your On-Page Content 3: Create Linkable Content 4: Improve Your Internal Linking Structure 5: Remove Bad and Toxic Links 6: Make Sure That Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly 7: Become an Authority within Your Niche 8: Increase the Loading Speed of Your Webpages 9: Promote Your Content via Social Media
  20. SEO Extension SERP Trends for Google Chrome is a lightweight SEO tool which shows dynamics for the search results within the search page: whether the website moved up, down in the SERP, just appeared (is "new") or hasn't changed its position. This addon is useful for SEO & SEM specialists.
  21. Some marketing tips for social media success: 1. Identify the right social media channel. 2. Make the most of live videos. 3. Create your brand's story. 4. Leverage user-generated content. 5. Use social-friendly images. 6. Use Instagram for posting ads. 7. Use relevant hashtags. 8. Utilize the power of employee advocacy.
  22. W3C validation in SEO is the process of checking your website's code to determine if it follows the correct formatting standards. Failure to validate your code against these standards could mean your website suffers errors or your traffic numbers aren't as high as they could be due to poor readability.
  23. Some of the common reasons behind the growing importance of database marketing are- 1. Optimizes the customer segmentation process by separating existing customers from new leads 2. Helps in prioritizing your most valuable accounts and enables you to get the ability to predict customer behaviour. 3. Assists you in testing new ideas and products for instance Google first rolls out new features to a few specific advertisers before launching them to everyone 4. Alleviates the process of gathering feedback and understanding your customers’ needs 5. Empowers your brand to be relevant by optimizing engagement, plus also optimizes customer retention by building relationships Helps in thought leadership credibility and builds brand affinity, plus it can be used for promotional campaigns of the future
  24. Return on sales (ROS) is a ratio used to evaluate a company's operational efficiency. This measure provides insight into how much profit is being produced per dollar of sales. An increasing ROS indicates that a company is improving efficiency, while a decreasing ROS could signal impending financial troubles. ROS is closely related to a firm's operating profit margin.
  25. Dimensions are ways to view and segment qualitative data in Google Analytics, used in tandem with metrics. For example, the metric bounce rate could be viewed through dimension value landing page in a report that helps ecommerce merchants understand which pages lead users to further explore their website.
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