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  1. Steps of Social Media Marketing: 1) Generate A Plan To Choose right Social Media Channel 2) Keep On Delivering Content Frequently 3) Switch Up The Formats Of The Content 4) Analyze The Previous Content To Make Your Post Better 5) Optimize the Visual Content With The Links 6) Use Social Media to Get a Large Number Of Relevant Audiences 7) Fill Your Social Media Profile with Engaging Images
  2. An e-newsletter is an email that is sent to your subscribers regularly to keep them informed about the latest news and updates about your product or brand. Depending on the kind of content you have to share and the frequency in which subscribers expect your newsletters, you can send them on a weekly or monthly basis. An email newsletter is a neatly put together piece of content that's created to engage your subscribers and update them with new information. Personalize your newsletters to your subscribers’ behaviour, and boost the chance of success.
  3. Cost per engagement (CPE) is an advertising pricing model in which digital marketing teams and advertisers only pay for ads when users interact with their campaign in some way. The term engagement includes any interaction a consumer has with the advertisement, such as pausing or muting a video, playing a mini-game, taking a survey, signing up for a free trial, reviewing a product or sharing a post on social media. Advertisers can choose between models that charge for every engagement which could include simply closing the ad or for meaningful engagements such as clicking through to the website and positively engaging with the ad.
  4. Ambient marketing or ambient advertising is a practice of promoting products or services using unusual locations or items and their elements to your advantage as a communication channel. It involves creative advertising messaging, interacting with the target audience, and should affect consumers on an emotional level.
  5. Biggest Content and Web Design Mistakes Marketers Make During a Website Redesign: 1. Designing without regard to functionality and development 2. Not checking and preserving existing page rankings 3. Not trashing underperforming content 4. Working on design and copy separately 5. Underestimating stakeholder input, timelines, and revision rounds 6. Ignoring metadata 7. Letting images take a backseat 8. Underestimating resources needed for content updates 9. Not having an internal process for content approval 10. Not defining website goals and performance measurement plans 11. Not defining operations, ownership, and governance post-launch 12. Not having a post-launch plan for ongoing optimization
  6. Winning digital marketing strategies for doctors and physicians: 1. Easy-to-navigate website 2. E-mail marketing 3. Power of Facebook 4. Produce your own videos 5. Encourage patient reviews 6. Pay-Per-Click Ads 7. Write blogs regularly 8. Local SEO and personal branding
  7. Most Important SEO tricks to know: 1. Remove Anything that Slows Down Your Site 2. Link to Other Websites with Relevant Content 3. Write for Humans First, Search Engines Second 4. Encourage Other Trustworthy Sites to Link to You 5. Have Web Analytics in Place at the Start 6. Write Unique and Relevant Meta Descriptions for Every Page 7. Use a Simple, Readable URL Structure 8. Build Momentum with Social Signals 9. Use the Right Keywords in Images 10. Publish Unique Content Consistently to Improve SEO
  8. Forms of marketing: 1. Internet marketing 2. Social media marketing 3. Email marketing 4. Content marketing 5. Inbound marketing 6. Influencer marketing 7. Direct marketing 8. Search engine optimization 9. Interruption marketing 10. Pay-per-click marketing 11. Cause marketing
  9. Meme (pronounced as meam) is an element of culture whose styles, concepts, and behaviour can be indefinitely imitated. But when we talk about internet meme, it refers to a humorous image or video having a definite style and concept which usually go viral on the internet. The style and the concept of the image stay the same whereas the copy changes.
  10. Top Tips To Grow Your Affiliate Marketing: 1. Be Authentic 2. Create Valuable Content 3. Don't Stop! 4. Promote the Product As If It's Your Own 5. Choose One Channel And Master It 6. Build With The Long Term In Mind 7. Disclose Affiliation 8. Share Your Transformation Story 9. Create A Mini-Course On The Product! 10. Clear Call To Actions
  11. Top free Advertising Posting Sites are: 1. eBay 2. Craigslist 3. LetGo (OLX) 4. Backpage 5. Gumtree 6. Classified Ads 7. Oodle 8. Adpost 9. Hoobly 10. Salespider 11. Adsglobe 12. Yakaz 13. Facebook Marketplace
  12. Best Affiliate Marketing Tools: 1. AnyTrack 2. Post Affiliate Pro 3. LeadDyno 4. ShareASale 5. ClickMeter 6. LinkTrust 7. AffTrack 8. Affise 9. HitPath 10. Everflow 11. ClickInc
  13. Strategies to reach target audience: 1. Expand reach with Google’s In-Market Audiences 2. Remarket with Google Ads 3. Use Facebook custom audiences and retargeting 4. Try LinkedIn for keyword research 5. Prioritize SEO 6. Add chatbots to your plan 7. Start tracking 8. Keep looking forward
  14. Cost-Per-View (CPV), is a method of charging for video advertisements based on the number of views or interactions an ad receives. CPV advertising opportunities provide a platform for ecommerce merchants to connect with their relevant audience, making them a worthwhile consideration for brands looking to expand awareness.
  15. Keyword frequency is how often a keyword or keyword phrase appears on a webpage or in a piece of content. It is important to limit how many times a keyword or phrase appears on a webpage in order to avoid the potential of appearing as spam or getting flagged in Google for 'keyword stuffing. Keyword frequency or density can be calculated numerically. To do this, simply divide the number of instances in which a keyword appears by the total number of words on the page.
  16. Ways to Increase Your Social Signals: 1. Investigate the Psychology of Sharing 2. Choose the Prime Times 3. Pay it Forward 4. Embed Social Sharing Within Email 5. Influencer Outreach
  17. Social bookmarking is the process of tagging a website page with a browser-based tool so that you can easily visit it again later. Instead of saving social media posts to your browser bookmarks, you can use different platforms’ features to bookmark posts. Because the bookmarks are online, you’ll be able to access them anywhere, from any device with an internet connection. Social bookmarking sites began as simple resources for social media and content marketers. Today, they’re diverse and dynamic online communities, where users discuss links and develop groups based on shared relevancy.
  18. Banner ad design tips to get more clicks: 1. Use the most effective, standard banner sizes 2. Place your banner ads correctly 3. Maintain hierarchy 4. Keep it simple 5. Use buttons appropriately 6. Have a clearly defined frame 7. Make your text instantly readable 8. Use animation 9. Complement, but stand out 10. Be consistent with your brand 11. Instill a sense of urgency 12. Choose appropriate colors 13. Keep your file sizes small 14. Use the correct file formats
  19. Banner advertising refers to the use of a rectangular graphic display that stretches across the top, bottom, or sides of a website or online media property. The horizontal type of banner advertisement is called a leaderboard, while the vertical banners are called a skyscraper and are positioned on a web page's sidebars. Banner ads are image-based rather than text-based and are a popular form of online advertising.
  20. Local marketing is a strategy that businesses can use to reach potential customers that live within a certain distance of their business’s location. In other words, businesses can utilize this strategy when they want to target customers in a nearby neighborhood, city, etc.
  21. Link Pyramid in SEO is a strategy that is followed to build backlinks and send backlinks to other backlinks. It is one of the many methods used for ranking a website in SERPs of Google. The link pyramid is one of the earlier strategies developed when Google put a value on backlinks. The best part is these are easy to implement. This strategy sends high-quality backlinks to money sites and provides support to all the pages. It has a direct impact on the indexing rate of all those backlinks available on the site.
  22. The Marketing Communication or Marcom refers to the means adopted by the companies to convey messages about the products and the brands they sell, either directly or indirectly to the customers with the intention to persuade them to purchase.
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