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  1. ⚡ UPDATE 2021.316.43149 What's the news: ✅ Improved cookie import feature - some cookies were loaded without authorization. ✅ Cookie export feature improved ✅ Fixed problem with authorization in web extensions. Authorization on metamask and other extensions is stable now . ✅ Fixed a bug with the request to update when importing accounts in bulk. ✅ Proxy stability improved ✅ Improved permissions process on devices where device pixel ratio is bigger than 1. ✅ Fixed problem with large screen resolutions on Linux. Support: t.me/dolphin_support_bot Love, Dolphin team!
  2. You said - we did it! 😉 Dolphin Anty - is an antidetect browser from the creators of Dolphin Tool A Powerful tool tor Solving traffic arbitrage tasks | Facebook | Google | Tik-Tok Dolphin {anty} benefits: ✅Manage of browser profiles. Work with hundreds of unique profiles from one device. Each profile is a unique browser fingerprint with a separated web environment. Cache, cookies and other parameters are completely separated from each other. ✅Real fingerprints of Chrome-based browser profiles Using a browser, you will be as similar as possible to an ordinary Internet user, our anti-detect browser is based on Chrome, and we do not need to patch Chromium substitutions. ✅Teamwork. A modern antidetect browser requires not only high-quality substitution, but also convenient team interaction, tracking the statuses of accounts, notes and proxies. We've worked hard on this features! Anti-detecet browser appearance: We tried very hard to make this product as useful as possible and implemented the ability to integrate with Dolphin automation products. In the modern world, anti-detecet browsers should be a tool from the category of "available to everyone" and therefore we tried to make the prices as reasonable as possible for every common users! Official site: anty.dolphin.ru.com Support: t.me/dolphin_support_bot Telegram chat: t.me/dolphin_anty_chat News channel: t.me/dolphin_anty_news Best regards, Dolphin team!
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