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  1. 💸 High approvals and payout rates are our keys to success! And now you have these keys to yourself. Take a look at the current top 3 leaders of our affiliate network 😃 The first position went to Prostatricum in Austria with a 49% approval rate. Second spot was won over by Cardiobalance. In Czech Republic, the same offer’s approval rate was 47% last week. And the list ends with this falls bestseller Cystinorm. Its approval rate in Italy was 42%. Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!😉
  2. 🔥 The way a call center processes your leads is one of the key aspects when it comes to working with an affiliate network. This is why the call center work has to be high quality and we ensure you this is our case. And, to showcase our high level of competence, we suggest you read the transcribed call from our Italian call center and see the relevant Cystinorm script for yourself. Read the transcript here: https://bit.ly/3nN344D #Webvork #nutra #affiliatemarketing #callcenter
  3. 💬 AFFILIATE TALKS The guest of our today’s interview is Ivan Rud, ex-head of technical support at Keitaro, currently head of Inbound Marketing. Ivan has helped a lot of affiliates, has shared a lot of useful features, and listened to a lot of people’s wishes, and later made them come true. He was happy to tell us about himself, the history of the Keitaro tracker, its special aspects, and a little bit about its development. We’ve got a great interview here! Read the interview here: https://bit.ly/30FDUvW
  4. 💫 Cystinorm is taking over the world! Our Cystinorm offer seems to be gaining more and more love from the publishers, so we decided to launch new GEOs for this product! Starting from today, Portugal is ready to welcome all of you! Payout rates start from €30 per lead. ➡️ Offer link: https://bit.ly/3lFdNLV ❗️Why should you drive traffic with Cystinorm? First of all, it’s an incredibly popular cystitis remedy for fall, all due to overcooling. Secondly, you’re getting high payout rates directly! Yes, we produce Cystinorm right in Europe, observing all the safety measures😉 Don’t miss out on your chance to earn money with a highly sought quality product!
  5. 🔥 Top offers fresh like this frosty November morning! This week, Eretron Aktiv has become the leader of the list, having achieved a 48% approval rate. Offer payouts start from €35 per lead in Austria, which means that you have all the chances to get the profit! The second spot went to Artrolux+ in Switzerland with a 49% approval rate. The third place belongs to an anti-fungus remedy — Onixan. The offer’s earned a 45% approval rate in Italy. Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!😉
  6. 🎯 BINGO! Today we’ve got the target audience data for the Black Diamond offer. It’s a day-and-night toothpaste set. The data was gathered during the affiliate network’s whole lifetime. Hope that this info will help reduce the time you put into testing your target audience. Read the stats: https://vk.com/@webvork-celevaya-auditoriya-black-diamond
  7. We are Webvõrk — an affiliate network with our exclusive health and beauty offers. As a direct advertiser, Webvõrk offers the highest payouts on the market. We have dedicated call centres with amazing staff in each country where we sell our products to keep approve rates incredibly high. We are always looking for an individual and flexible approach to our partner — you. All of the above means that our affiliates get the maximum ROI on their traffic. Go on and test it yourself! webvork.com
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