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  1. Hi! There are many ways to engage your audience, and most people focus on improving the quality of video content. In addition, YouTube's algorithms have certain technical features that you can use for your own purposes. However, without understanding how these algorithms work, you simply cannot turn them to your advantage. One of the most important metrics is the time of day when users most often viewed your video. This metric will help you understand when is the best time to publish a new video. Besides paid ads, there is another good way to increase your views - video optimization. Here's wh
  2. Cannibalization of keywords is what happens when different pages on your site are targeted for the same keyword. When more than one page is targeting one specific keyword, you end up competing with yourself.
  3. Built-in analytics enables you to embed powerful analytics capabilities directly into your applications, products and web portals. Let your customers and partners analyze the data on their own - with built-in analytics, the solution is easy to set up, integrate and deploy.
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