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  1. Google Custom Search (also known as Programmable Search Engine) is a Google service that lets website owners add a custom search box to their site. The platform was initially launched in 2006 and was eventually renamed to Google Programmable Search Engine. The main goal of this service is to provide a better browsing experience to website users, as they do not need to leave a site in order to run a search query. This custom search function can be added to all kinds of websites, from intranets to blogs.
  2. Benefits of Online Crowdfunding for Startups 1. It serves as a Market Research Tool 2. It introduces you to loyal Potential Clients 3. It is more Straightforward and Fast 4. A Free Portfolio 5. Feedback and Expert Opinion 6. New Business Partners 7. Test the Response of the Audience 8. Market and Media Exposure 9. It is better than Conventional Fundraising 10. Trust
  3. Most Effective Ways To Increase Cash Flow in Your Ecommerce Business 1. Don’t Wait Too Long to Get Paid 2. Align Expenses With the Revenue Pattern 3. Forecast Your Cash Flow 4. Clear Out Your Inventory 5. Run Promotions 6. Increase Your Average Order Value 7. Reduce Unnecessary Business Overheads 8. Optimize Invoice Management 9. Accept Credit Card Payments
  4. A silo structure is a type of website architecture where content is organized logically. It consists of hierarchical groupings including topics and subtopics. In other words, you can think about it as creating categories and sub-categories for your site and writing relevant content for them. Source.
  5. Best Tools for Finding Competitor Keywords 1. BuzzSumo 2. SEMrush 3. SpyFu 4. Ahrefs' Keywords Explorer 5. AdWords' Auction Insights 6. Crowdsourcing Keyword Research 7. Tag Clouds 8. WordStream's Free Keyword Tool
  6. Google Ranking Factors You Shouldn’t Ignore: 1. Backlinks 2. Freshness 3. Topical authority 4. Search intent 5. Content depth 6. Page speed 7. HTTPS 8. Mobile-friendliness 9. User experience
  7. What Is Citation Flow (CF) in SEO?
  8. A backlink checker can help you monitor your backlink profile so you are immediately notified should any poor-quality sites link to you. It also provides understanding of potential link building opportunities so that you can gain more positive inbound links that will benefit your site.
  9. Photo Editing Apps for iPhones and Android 1. Snapseed 2. VSCO 3. Prisma Photo Editor 4. Adobe Photoshop Express 5. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 6. LiveCollage 7. Adobe Photoshop Fix 8. Enlight Photofox 9. Canva
  10. PageRank (PR) is Google’s main method of ranking web pages for placement on a search engine results page (SERP). PageRank refers to the system and the algorithmic method that Google uses to rank pages as well as the numerical value assigned to pages as a score.
  11. Smart SEO Tools to Monitor Backlinks: 1. SE Ranking 2. Sitechecker 3. RankActive 4. Ahrefs 5. Coupler.io 6. OpenLinkProfiler 7. RankSignals 8. BuzzSumo 9. Monitor Backlinks 10. Mention
  12. Benefits classifieds listing in SEO: 1. Drives traffic to your site 2. Saves your time & resources 3. Free availability 4. Provide a huge platform 5. Easy to use 6. Organic SEO Strategy 7. Minimizing Advertising Budgets 8. Specific Targeting 9. Leads Generation 10. A Long List of Classifieds
  13. A search engine is a service that allows Internet users to search for content via the World Wide Web (WWW). A user enters keywords or key phrases into a search engine and receives a list of Web content results in the form of websites, images, videos or other online data that semantically match with the search query.
  14. Strategies to reach target audience: 1. Expand reach with Google’s In-Market Audiences 2. Remarket with Google Ads 3. Use Facebook custom audiences and retargeting 4. Try LinkedIn for keyword research 5. Prioritize SEO 6. Add chatbots to your plan 7. Start tracking 8. Keep looking forward
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