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  1. Earn money on the most profitable offers thanks to offer comparison engines. You join one program and gain access to multiple campaigns by promoting only one affiliate link. The comparison engine recognizes the user’s country, so you have the opportunity to better reach the customer from almost all over the world. Make use of that now! Dating comparison engine Rate: $0.58 - 6.77 | Model: CPL/CPA | Conversion point: Single Opt-In, Double Opt-In, Creating an account and activating it, Email confirmation | Preview: click Gambling comparison engine Rate: $18.86 - 199.21 |
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  4. Sometimes it happens that we search for some inspiration on Pinterest and that made us think that we should give it a try! If you want to see how we’re doing and get access to some additional motivation - go and give us a follow! We’re waiting for you!
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  7. In February, even MyLead gets more pink. As Valentine’s Day gets closer and closer, love is in the air, and the omnipresent love becomes the number one topic. By promoting dating campaigns, you can earn over a hundred dollars per lead. Don’t hesitate and try out the best Dating programs. Sex Dating - Smartlink VI - Best Dating Offer Rate: up to $158.27 | Model: CPL | Conversion point: Single Opt-In, Create and activate account | Geo: AU, BE, CZ, DK, FR, DE, HU, IL, IT, JP, MEX, NL, NO, NZ, PL, PO, RO, SG, RPA, ES, SE, CH, TZ, UK, US [EXCLUSIVE] Landing page - best dating off
  8. Would you imagine the world without electronic devices? We neither. That is why we wanted to show you some of the best of our campaigns so that you can start promoting them right away. Interested? OzoneHome OzoneHome air ionizer now on sale! Rate: $74.71 | Model: COD | Conversion point: Sell | Geo: IT AliExpress - Smartlink AliExpress is the largest purchasing platform in the world; known brand, very attractive product prices. Rate: 2,4% - 7,2% | Model: CPS | Conversion point: Sell | Geo: GLOBAL GeekBuying GeekBuying is one of the largest e-commerce
  9. Haven’t you missed something? This is the last chance to get a Valentine’s Day ebook. If you’re hoping for a cash injection, don’t miss this opportunity. Receive the guide and earn during Valentine’s Day! Gain access to over 20 A4 pages filled with knowledge. Let’s do this! Pickup possible until Feb 11 only.
  10. Have you noticed a drop in leads? Perhaps it is time to introduce new solutions. On the MyLead blog, you will find an entry about effectiveness tests, i.e. A/B tests. Try the solution explained in it and earn more today!
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  12. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Maybe it is worth developing a strategy? You will find a huge dose of knowledge in the latest MyLead e-book about earning during Valentine’s Day. Over 20 A4 pages filled with knowledge are waiting! The e-book is ready and will be sent several times a day, starting today.
  13. Valentine’s Day, Black Friday or maybe… Star Wars day? Every opportunity is good if you can make money on it. Find out which days are best to promote affiliate programs in the latest blog post, so you can gain even more! Mare your calendar full of ideas! Read the post and learn about the most important dates of 2021!
  14. So many lockdowns we can’t even count them all. But one thing is certain - we all got a little bored, didn’t we? What would you say for a nice recommendation of the best Entertainment Campaigns? We’ve got a few favorites you may find attractive. Keep on reading! Adult Games - Smartlink I Rate: up to $196.91 | Model: CPL | CPA | Conversion point: Single Opt-In, Double Opt-In, Sell, Email Submit, Create and activate account | Geo: NZ, AU, BE, BR, CA, CN, CZ, DK, FI, FR, DE, GR, HK, HU, IT, JP, KR, MEX, NL, NZ, NO, PL, RO, RU, SG, ES, SE, CH, TW, TH, UK, USA VOD.PLUS Rate: up
  15. VOD.PLUS is a search engine with an extensive amount of movies and series in dozens of different VOD services, that from now on works globally. There are 13 178 movies and 1328 series that you can promote legally and make money on it. Use deeplinks and show your customers a certain production. Join VOD.PLUS and earn all over the world! The commission is charged for the registration and activation of the premium account. VOD.PLUS automatically adapts to the user’s country, so you can earn money all over the world! VOD.PLUS Rate: $1.73-7.44 | Model: CPA | Conversion point: Confirm P
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