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  1. Dear friends, we are glad to inform you about a new sweet offer Average ROI: ROI 50% Bid: 9$ Payment: for registration GEO: Germany Target: 21+ Offer: ask your manager If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng Or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755 https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12501176/
  2. Friends, we all know that Ukraine is an extremely hot GEO to work with. At the moment, First casino is showing itself perfectly - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1032? with the conversion rate click2reg 1:6 / reg2dep 1:5. So we suggest you to split this offer with a new Ukrainian offer - Million! The first tests have already shown an excellent conversion rate click2reg 1:5 / reg2dep 1:4 Million FB - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1775 Bid and paid goal: 25$ per mindep 50 uah Geo: Ukraine Test limit: 30 FD Million In-app - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1784 Bid and paid goal: 22$ per mindep 50 uah Geo: Ukraine Test limit: 30 FD Million Adwords - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1785 Bid and paid goal: 27$ per mindep 50 uah Geo: Ukraine Test limit: 30 FD If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng Or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755 https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12501176/
  3. Dear friends, we are in a hurry to share a new offer with very tempting numbers Average ROI: ROI 70% Bid: 90$ Payment: for the baseline 10$ Geo: Czech Republic Target: 21+ Offer: ask your manager If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng Or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755 https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12501176/
  4. Dear friends, we present you a new extremely interesting GEO from the well-known brand Mostbet - Norway Who wanted to test Europe and waited for the right moment - here it is! Mostbet NO - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1793? Bid: 100$ for the first deposit Paid goal: baseline 10$ Minimum deposit: 70 NOK GEO: Norway Test limit: 20 fd If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng Or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755 https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12501176/
  5. New hot secret offer Average ROI: 150% Bid: 130$ Payment: per mindep Geo: Australia Target: 21+ Offer: ask your manager If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng Or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755 https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12501176/
  6. We have replenishment in a number of CPL offers. We are glad to present you a new offer - Winners Magic. Winners Magic CPL - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1632 Bid and paid goal: 9$ per registration GEO: Canada/Finland/Germany/New Zealand/Austria/Netherlands Test limit: 50 reg We recommend you to generate traffic using mobile apps. Free Android/iOS apps are available, you can get the app and share your accounts via @GamblingProTGB_bot If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng Or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755 https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12501176/
  7. Catch a TOP offer with excellent indicators Average ROI: 100 Bid: 180$ Payment: per mindep GEO: Australia Target: 21+ Offer: ask your manager If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng Or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755 https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12501176/
  8. Foreign GEOs against CIS countries: unexpected finds that change the perception of the Gambling market Hello, today we will tell you about interesting discoveries that Gambling.pro team has found in a year of work ? What forced us to reduce the volume of traffic to Russia and the CIS and start more active to study foreign GEOs? Firstly, a significant tightening of moderation and rules restricting casino advertising in almost all top sources, which used to give us most of the traffic. VK was the first to stop working, then Yandex, and now Google and Facebook have tightened regulation so much that it is almost impossible to work with them. Secondly, there is a general trend towards a decrease in conversion rates and an increase in the price of a targeted action in Russia and the CIS. Thirdly, the lack of new worthy casino offers on the Russian and CIS markets. Existing casinos do not have a budget for buying traffic, and new advertisers do not know how to conduct analytics and work with incoming traffic. Often, working with new offers leads not to profit, but to creating problems. Using the example of top offerslook Let's take at the examples of offers that are still operating in the Russian market. Offer "Volcano 24" with antifraud system. A year ago, the ratio from the same FB to applications averaged 1: 5, now this indicator has dropped almost 3 times and became 1:13. If we consider the “Vulcan Club” offer without an anti-fraud system, then the situation there is even worse - at the moment its ratio in registration with FB does not exceed 1:10. The Vulcan Club offer with its antifraud system is even worse. Affiliate marketing for these offers has become very problematic. The complexity is created by constantly adding new advertising accounts, working with payment orders, updating fast-burning creatives, preparing and downloading applications. High costs prevent you from earning on these offers. To continue making profit on these offers, you need a fresh target audience that has not been converted before, or a fresh approach that the old target audience has not seen and will believe. Another way out is to ask the advertiser for a bid increase after the test (this can only work if the test is successful and your traffic meets the KPI). If we talk about the offers "Volcano Platinum" and "Volcano Russia", then earlier it was possible to achieve a ratio in registration from FB to applications 1: 3 using them. Now this indicator has also shifted downward and has worsened by about 2 times, to 1: 5 ratios in registration for "Platinum Volcano" and 1: 6 for "Russia Volcano". That is, these two offers are now at about the same stage of development as Vulkan 24 was a year and a half ago. This means that it is likely that if we continue to convert the target audience from Russia to these offers in the same volume, then in a year and a half, the ratio on these products will also drop to 1:10 and 1:15, respectively. “Licensed ROX” once (around 2017), which blew up the CPA market with a conversion rate of 1: 3 for registration from FB to applications, today, like the Pathinum Volcano, has twice the worst performance and converts with an indicator of 1: 7. Conversion on old offers has decreased - this fact forces advertisers to create new offers. For example, ROX has such casinos as Fresh, SoL, Volcano Mega, aimed at target audiences from Russia. But there was a problem - all these products worked well only at the start. This was influenced by many factors, including the fact that partners are looking for new brands and everyone is quite positive and loyal to the advertiser. When new offers first appeared, the conversion was better than on the old ones, but not for long. In just a few months, the conversion rate for new offers dropped to 1: 7 and 1:10 for existing products (from FB to apps). This suggests that the reason for the conversion slowdown lies not only in the absence of new offers, but also in the absence of new approaches for converting the target audience. The old approaches we use have already worked for our audience. The existing target audience has developed “banner blindness”. Many of these people have formed a total distrust and therefore do not convert in principle. No one else believes in the case story of how a beautiful girl earns several thousand dollars for 2 hours of work per week and spends them on whatever she wants. The target audience in Russia is already tired of media buyers. There are also impious specialists among us who use destructive approaches and openly deceive their target audience in order to get a conversion. All these fleeting penny earnings on a scale are killing the market and provoking an even faster burning out of Central Asia in Russia. We are talking mainly about traffic from Russia, because, in fact, all the offers listed above, from some point on, work only with this GEO. The only exception is Volcano Platinum, which accepts registrations from the CIS countries, but residents of these countries have a relatively low solvency, and therefore the chance to fulfill KPIs with such traffic tends to zero. I am not saying that these offers or GEOs are dead. The conversion of received registrations to deposits remained at approximately the same high level as before 1: 2.5 and 1: 3 for all these offers. This shows that the quality of the products has not dropped, the target audience's interest in these offers has dropped, but it is still possible and even necessary to work with them. But when working with these offers, your ROI will no longer be 250, 500 or 800%, but about 50, 70 or 100%, which is normal, but not as profitable as before. Also, it became more difficult to obtain such an ROI because in the FB the price of the install has grown significantly, and the optimization, in our opinion, has deteriorated. Want more! I want to, but I can't. Why many media buyers are afraid to start working with foreign GEOs, we described in detail in this article: “Frightening foreign countries. Fears that prevent starting work with other GEOs”. I recommend that you read this article, so I’ll not tell you about it again. The only thing I will say again, at the start, our team was also intimidated by the work with foreign traffic, but we figured it out pretty quickly and realized that everything is not scary, as it seems. Firstly, in foreign GEOs, as well as in Russia, the approach with generating traffic to webview mobile applications works perfectly. And the approach with mobile applications makes the work of the media buyer easier: starting from auto-moderation and increasing conversion by 30%, regarding traffic generation to mobile landing pages, ending with the ability to use push notifications, fix the entry point for the user and, as a result, increase LTV. The traffic is happy, the advertiser is happy, the media buyer is happy, and when your bid is raised for your efforts, you will become the happiest ? Secondly, if you generate traffic through the FB using mobile applications, the process of creating creatives is greatly simplified. For work, you practically do not need to translate texts - it is enough to translate calls to action in the description of posts, and if you work with Stories, then only creativity is enough, without text. Thirdly, we learned that in foreign GEOs there are offers that are comparable in conversion with the top offers in Russiaand, but 2-3 times exceed them in rate. A high rate allows you to get 250-350% ROI. Finding these offers was not easy, but they completely changed our perception of the world. It was difficult to search for offers in foreign GEOs due to the fact that the amount of work and the number of advertisers is much larger than in Russia. For a number of reasons, not everyone can make money. We met such problem: Hold 60 days and analyst time in 2 months is no mobile version and the normal landing page is not possible to pass parameters and configure the integration of lack of contact during operation, ignoring the outright refusal Breakdown, with domains problems payments statistics is uploaded once a week Inadequate KPI: payback in 14 days; 100% ROI of the advertising campaign after 21 days; average bill $ 100 Restriction by traffic sources, including those that are main for us Restriction on the use of our creatives And, finally, some offers simply do not convert. We tried working with different advertisers and tested many of their offers. It was difficult, but the work was not done in vain. We overcame all our fears about working with foreign GEOs, learned how to effectively build our interaction with local advertisers, learned how to roughly determine the converting ability of an offer without tests, and gained invaluable experience that we can now share with you. What if I say that foreign GEOs have offers that convert in registrations from FB to applications with ratios of 1:10 and 1:7 from registrations to deposits, but the rate on them is from $ 150 for a minimum deposit? What if I also say that there are foreign offers for which you can send contextual advertising to a brand with a ratio of 1:7 in registration and 1:5 in a deposit and with a stake of $100 or more? Then your attitude will change, right? Many of you have already tested one or more foreign high-bidding offers. Some may have noticed that a very small conversion is obtained for a large volume of generated traffic, for example, 2 registrations for 10,000 clicks from the native network. After this, media buyers stop trying and return to familiar and understandable offers for Russia and the CIS. It also happens that you received a lot of registrations, but did not receive deposits o_O We will not consider situations for low quality traffic. There may be several reasons for your failure: You have chosen a GEO, on which the offer does not convert — a common problem for offers with multiGEO. In such a situation, it is necessary to find out where the brand is most popular, because in that country it will give the best conversion than in all other countries. Unknown brands in the country may not convert at all. The advertiser has unstable payment systems for this GEO. We try to avoid and exclude such products from our CPA network altogether. Our managers can always clarify for you the current state of the operation of payment systems from the advertiser. In Gambling.pro, such incidents are virtually excluded, but somewhere else you may encounter such a problem (we came across). You have chosen a difficult GEO, where gambling is disloyal and conversion is poor. As you already understood, the main problems and reasons for your failures are associated with the choice of GEO, the popularity of the brand in this GEO, with the laws regulating the activities of online casinos for this GEO and with the stability of payment systems. If you analyze the online casino market, the situation with the laws and peculiarities of the mentality in a particular selected country, you can avoid these problems without losing money on failed tests. About the peculiarities of the mentality of residents of different countries, we recommend our wonderful column of articles “Around the World with Gambling.pro”. We write about the peculiarities of life and everyday life of citizens of this or that country through the prism of their attitude to gambling and online casinos. We will not tell in this article about foreign offers with high conversions that we found in a year of work. Most of the offers we keepin private access, or do not announce, we give access to them only to those partners who were able to win our trust and establish themselves in our network. Thank you all for your attention! If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng Or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755 https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12501176/
  9. Friends, as you know, Mostbet shows itself perfectly on Turkey via mobile apps. So we would like to offer you to split this offer with the new offer Bahigo! Bahigo - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1671 Bid and paid goal: 60$ for 20$ baseline Geo: Turkey Test limit: 20 fd We recommend you to generate traffic using mobile apps. Free Android/iOS apps are available, you can get the app and share your accounts via @GamblingProTGB_bot If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng Or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755 https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12501176/
  10. Case: Converting ADULT traffic to Gambling Many people ask: “How to redirect adult traffic to other verticals, for example, to Gambling”? Often at events and on the Internet it says: “Adult traffic gives a bad conversion in gambling”, others say: “The target audience of adult content is solvent and willingly replenishes deposits” or “The quality of adult traffic on the casino is not inferior to entertainment topics”. How to deal with this traffic so that the conversion is high? ? I'll start with the simplest explanation: how do I plan my advertising campaign and start generating traffic. First I: Сhoose the target audience. Coming up with hypotheses. Сhoose the right sources. Сhoose ad formats for different sources and choose specific angles based on my hypotheses. For certain sources and advertising formats, I choose from pre-prepared corners Attention! Not every approach will be effective in conjunction with a specific ad format. Example: It is ineffective to tell a long and boring success story in a video - the video will not be watched to the end. Typically, video creatives are short, up to 3 minutes, vivid videos that clearly indicate the problem and the procedure for solving it. Choosing the target audience In this case, we want to direct adult traffic to gambling, that is, has already been selected. It remains to figure out how to convert this traffic to the Vulcan Casino offer. In my professional opinion, you can convert any traffic to any offer, if that is the goal. And today the goal is to convert adult traffic to gambling. To understand how to convert traffic, you need to figure out what worries the user and connect his problems with your offer. So what worries fans of adult content? They spend time on porn sites for a reason and prefer this type of relaxation to other types of pastime. I'll make a reservation: the target audience of adult content is much wider than that of any other vertical, so we'll need to clearly segment it by age. We are not interested in users under the age of 25, since this age group is not the target audience for the gambling vertical. Why does a grown man spend time on a porn site? He clearly has problems. User problems are the hook for the media buyer as we provide solutions to problems. I created for myself a portrait of a consumer of adult content a long time ago. Such a person has certain qualities and problems: Lack of self-confidence. Perhaps this person looks, to put it mildly, “not cool” (maybe he wants to fix it). Bitterness from regret, from the inability to realize your fantasies / dreams. No sex (or no sex with pretty girls), possibly due to the first point. Sometimes such people dream of becoming an alpha male so that all the girls want them. The desire to spend more time on porn sites, to spend all your resources on pleasure. Porn addicts always need more and more often. Most likely, they buy paid subscriptions (they are ready to spend money on the Internet). Having worked for some time with this type of traffic in different sources, I have identified some of its features. I'm 99.9% sure that the target audience of adult overlaps with the target audience of gambling - the same guys can watch porn and play in casinos. It does not interfere. The porn lover can be encouraged to solve his problems with a monetary solution such as winning at an online casino. Time: adult traffic converts better at night from 23 to 5 am. The place where we display ads for adult traffic greatly influences its behavior. It is quite difficult to convert adult traffic to something other than adult. When a person is busy with something “very important”, it is difficult to shift his attention to something else. From this it follows that our corners should be adult and hint to the user that he is doing something wrong. you will understand with examples that will come later. Traffic Sources If you buy traffic from websites, it is usually teaser networks or traffic exchanges. If you work on video hosting with such formats as clickunder, popunder, teaser, banner, then you can make an overlay, splash screens, pre-rolls, insert links under the video in the description and in the comments. What do users usually do after they visit a porn site? a rhetorical question. To distract the user from their occupation, you need to try very hard and make very bright creatives. In order for the CTR to be high, adal-themed creatives should give people a lot of creativity. It is necessary for users to start fantasizing and click on the link. If you work with adult traffic on social networks, then you will have to negotiate advertising with page administrators, because such advertising is officially prohibited. Another option is spam likes. VK automatically blocks the links of the Vulcan Casino offer if you place them in messages or on the user's page. To avoid this, you have to place links on transit pages and make redirects from your domains. In social In networks, people are not as deeply self-absorbed as on video platforms and are open to communication. Users of social networks look at other people's profiles, read other people's stories (it's always interesting what happens in the lives of others), discuss people and their actions in the comments. Here, accordingly, the corner should be socially oriented, so that you can communicate on the topic, dream up. Contextual traffic is a different user behavior. We can find porn lovers by search terms. It is quite difficult to convert adult traffic from contextual advertising without a specific approach. The user enters a request and expects to receive a specific response from the search engine, if you simply show ads on a different topic - the user will not respond. For contextual traffic, you need to use bright creatives with an adult theme in ads and pre-landing pages in order to first interest the user, and then use his problem and offer your solution. Ps I'm talking about pre-landers because I don't consider working with adult traffic within the gambling vertical without a pre-land. There are several reasons for this: Adult traffic is not ready for gambling, this is cold traffic. The quality of adult traffic without a pre-landing is several times worse than the quality of traffic filtered through a transit page. Converting adult traffic for registration can be profitable only with large traffic volumes. Average media buyers do not work with such volumes and will lose money with this approach. Comparison of adult and gambling Adult target audience Gambling target audience Gender men: 90% and women: 10% men: 80% and women: 20% Traffic type desktop and mobile traffic only mobile traffic Theme Entertainment + physical pleasure, emotions Entertainment + benefit, passion, emotions Ultimately, both the porn lover and the gambler want to get positive emotions, this can also be accentuated in their corners. Now the most interesting thing, with which many have problems. How to interest adult traffic, and how to transfer sexual interest to the plane of online casinos? Above, we touched on the issue of problems and solutions for visitors to porn lovers, but did not discuss how to attract such a user. A person came to a site with porn not to think about their problems. To quickly switch the user's attention and force them to go to our landing page, it is necessary to use a pronounced adult creative, without specifying a casino or earnings. 3 ways to turn adal traffic into gambling traffic For myself, I have long found several corners that have proven themselves. First I will designate them, then we will analyze each in detail. Method 1: Basic. Clickander and popunder. Short and catchy landing page, always with a VIDEO! The video should start IMMEDIATELY as soon as the tab becomes active. In the video, we show what girls are capable of for money and other material values. In the video, the girls undress and do everything else with unfamiliar men, even right on the street. You can choose prettier girls from videos on the Internet and make interesting cuts with them. The amateur looks at me and thinks: “I want that too”. And he begins to fantasize, and now he is already dreaming about what is shown in the video of beautiful girls on the street. Method 2: Teasers and Banners Transform the main approach into text and add a short video clip or just frames from the video. The layout should look like a news release. "Shock News: What Girls Are Capable of / A beauty model has become a sex slave for a pimply geek." Such information with a sexual connotation has the same psychological effect as described in the first method. Method 3: Sex-story (only for social networks) I do not mean those stories in which it is written “We fucked with him for a long, long time, and then I found out that he is a millionaire on the run and in an hour he is leaving on his private plane to his a personal island that he bought with money won at the Vulcan Casino. " No, we need more realistic content. Stories from the girls (the object of desire of porn lovers) about how she bought an iPhone, Lexus or new shoes and, perhaps, not against such a life. Not a very long post, it is possible with a survey, in the spirit of "Girls, who else is ready to live like this?" or "Do you think this is good or bad?" In general, we are interactive. Of course, most of the girls in such a poll should speak out “for” such a lifestyle so that a porn fan would have it in his head that this is how it is. 3 Ways and 1 Goal All three of these ways have the goal of getting the porn lover to believe that all they need is money. It is the money that will help him gain the desired self-confidence, make any girl agree to sex, fulfill all his fantasies. That is, with the help of our advertising, we form a person's motivation. When the user is motivated to make a lot of money and spend it on whores, what is left for us to do? That's right, show the interested user where to get this money, and quickly and with minimal investment. Yes, at the Vulcan Casino, where today they give a bonus to new users! We have come to the conclusion that when working with adult traffic, it is necessary to use a targeted approach, but only in conjunction with one of the three previous methods. To do this, you can use the most simple call, for example: "Bonuses today, come in and win!" or "We always give" or "only today and only for you." As a result, the order of actions: Attract the attention of the target audience with the help of adult content. Emphasize the problem / desire of the user (on the landing page). Place targeted creatives on the landing page showing how the product can solve the problem that we made the user focus on. Below are a few examples for those three ways to convert adult traffic to gambling traffic using clickunder, teaser and social media. Example 1: CLICKUNDER | POPUNDER (immediately grab your attention with the help of a video) Girls will do anything for money. Video (starts as soon as the user sees the page). At the end of the video there is a post-roll, casino offer + link to the video. Text under the video: Win more money for the girl to be yours! (a sexy girl in the money on the picture) Register now to get a welcome bonus + 200% and free spins for big winnings! Button “Start Winning at Casino!” (Stylized with poker chips and playing cards) Example 2: TEASER | SOCIAL (disguised as news) Еhe public is shocked by the behavior of young beauties who, for several tens of thousands of rubles or for “apple” products, agree to provide sexual services to unfamiliar and not always beautiful, but rich men. Services of a different nature: from classic intercourse to sophisticated sexual perversions. The Internet is full of videos from street pick-up artists who persuade girls to have an obscene relationship with them almost right on the street. You will be surprised how many succeed! At the end of the video there is a post-roll, casino offer + link to the video. Of course, young people reward beauties by giving them cash or new phones and tablets. The guys do not spare money for their pleasures and say that all the costs are paid off by the emotions received from such an “adventure”. Of course, not all willing men have access to such expensive “pleasures”, because the average earnings in Russia does not exceed 25,000 rubles in the regions and 35,000 rubles in large cities. We identified the problem in the text, we place banners and teasers about the Vulcan Casino in the native format around: Do you want to shoot dear girls in the evening? Win money in the morning! Earn from 100,000 per month on "Vulcan" slot machines. To give girls - you need to win a lot of cash! Come in and win! That's all. Thank you all for reading, convert Adult to Gambling and make millions! If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng Or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755 https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12501176/
  11. The most mature GEOs for online gambling The first online gambling platforms appeared in 1995. Since then, they have developed steadily and attracted more and more players. Now online gambling is at the peak of its popularity, the market volume is estimated at over €45 billion, and the number continues to grow. Is it worth pursuing such a specific and expensive niche as gambling? The answer is clear - worth it! Large payouts, large audience, scalability. Which GEOs are the best to drive traffic to to make a lot of money? Let's find out... 1.Europe (€ 22,074 billion) Europe is the most developed GEO in the field of gambling. According to the latest data, the growth rate of income from online gambling is over 17% of the world level! This can be explained by the fact that in many countries the activities of online gambling establishments have been legalized and they can develop freely (within the framework of the legislation). The second reason is the level of economic development. As you know, in Europe there are economically developed countries and the standard of living of citizens there is quite high. Why not play in free time?! The most profitable GEOs in Europe in the field of gambling are Italy, Great Britain, Germany, France and Spain. The second echelon includes Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland and Greece. Forward to conquer Europe! 2. Asia (€ 12,379 billion) Thanks to the great leap in economic development, in the countries of Asia, the GDP per capita has increased many times. As we know, people's income greatly influences their desire to gamble ? The most developed GEOs that control almost 100% of online gambling are: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. If you are planning to generate traffic in Asia, then it is worth keeping in mind these countries ? 3. North America (€ 8.078 billion) In some parts of North America, online casinos are legal, in others they are not, but this does not prevent people from playing and winning on third-party servers that are installed outside the country. Forward to conquer America! 4. Australia (€ 2.651 million) In Australia, online casinos are not banned, winnings are not taxed and people who like to gamble from time to time like it ? The most interesting thing is that in Australia more than 80% of the adult population is addicted to gambling ... Indeed, why not play around when GDP per capita is higher than the UK? ? But not everything is as good as we would like... Gambling has penetrated very well into the domestic market of the country, which caused massive gambling addiction. As a result, we have: The market is very saturated with various online and offline casinos, there are practically no prospects for expansion; The state is fighting against gambling addiction at the legislative level, introducing serious restrictions and prohibitions However, these aspects do not exclude Australia from the list of promising GEOs for online gambling, since despite all the prohibitions, people still find workarounds to play their favorite games ... 5. Latin America (€ 834 million) Today the sphere of gambling in Latin America is gaining momentum. The main reason is that the gambling business is not banned in almost any country in the region. If you want to generate traffic in Latin America, then you should take a closer look at Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, this is where the largest number of casinos and very gambling people are located. Also worth considering are Colombia, Bolivia and Peru. According to the latest research, online casinos are in great demand among Latin Americans, perhaps here you can earn your first millions ? 6. Africa (€ 304 million) Recently, mobile technologies have begun to develop rapidly in Africa. The Internet and smartphones have become available to many segments of the population and this has become the reason for the rapid development of the online gambling industry in the region. Citizens in Africa are very passionate about sports betting, lotteries and online casinos. The most developed countries by GEO are: South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana. If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng Or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755 https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12501176/
  12. Hello everyone, we would like to present you a CPL offer - it is a great option for a simple start in gambling! Jackie Jackpot - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1674 Bid and paid goal: 9$ per registration GEO: Canada Test limit: 30 registrations If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng Or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755 https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12501176/
  13. How to get cheap SEO traffic to the casino. Case: ROI 210% on PlayAmo Hello! I’ll share the intermediate results because I don’t know how to scale the offer I’m working with. I think my idea will help someone earn a lot. As an offer, I chose one of my favorite casino brands - PlayAmo and for the split test I took a similar offer, Bob Casino. In the summer of 2017, I met with the owners of the PlayAmo project at the Russian Gambling Week (RGW) conference, when they just appeared on the Russian market - great guys! Hi, Kolya ? The PlayAmo project has not yet gained much popularity among Russian media buyers, comparing it with Vulcan Casino. Of course, there are media buyers who know about this casino and work with it, because unlike Vulcan Casino, PlayAmo's offer has a wider geography and accepts traffic from all over the world. This offer has a high conversion rate, since the product is quite new and of high quality,target audience and a wide around the world, which is not yet familiar with the offer. And most importantly, PlayAmo works only with licensed software, and has already got the trust of many foreign players. For this reason, generating traffic from European GEOs is even more enjoyable. For BobCasino's offer I already had some groundwork. I am not familiar with their owners, but I had experience testing this offer. I can say for sure the following: The conditions are very similar to PlayAmo - the same wide opportunities for GEO and rate. On teaser traffic, the conversion was high (by the previous tests). According to GEO: initially, it was planned to test four popular locations where, in my opinion, the casino has the best conversion: Poland, Germany, Canada and Holland. Then something went wrong, but more on that later. For both offers, I had the same conditions: In Poland, the payout was 70 euros, and for other countries — 100 euros, for making a minimum deposit ($10). I was given such a stake for the testing period for approved sources - contextual advertising and SEO. During testing, it was necessary to achieve 15-20 deposits for each offer. After the test, they promised to raise the rate. What did I do In order to launch the PlayAmo offer, I took as a basis my website, which I made about a year ago, after which I generated traffic for Vulcan Casino for a while. I used this site as a landing page. What's on the site? 1. Casino catalog with reviews, descriptions and reviews (10 projects, 3 of them - Vulcan Casino) 2. Casino rating (the same 10 projects) 3. A small fake forum, in which topics for each of the projects are created and many fake comments are written and reviews from people playing at this Casino. The forum is inhabited by many "people". One “person” could leave several comments, for example, about how he prepared for the game, how he won, how he got paid. Also, users start conversations, ask other players about their successes, look for friends. A great option for introverted media buyers! On the same forum, among the comments of "people", there are replies to user comments from "official representatives" casinos. These profiles have an avatar with the casino logo, they publish official announcements and messages for fake forum residents that a tournament is starting in the casino, or everyone has been paid money, or there will be a bonus tomorrow when replenishing... And these representatives must also respond to fake people to their questions, help them learn to win, support morally and do all this without an official tone. Among all this fake life, there should be native info blocks motivating future players to register and play at the casino that is your offer. Such information blocks can be made both on behalf of people and on behalf of casino representatives. It is important to do everything realistically, to motivate users correctly - do not write “deposit 500 rubles and withdraw 5000”, rather write something like: User: “I haven't played here for a long time, the last time I had a contest, I won more than 10k. Recently, the casino has added a VIP status, began to participate again, climbed a couple of steps. I decided to play, added 1000 today. I called a friend, he also plays. While I am pulling 1600, he is pulling 5700, but this is just disrespect for the old players. " Admin: “Unfortunately, this is a standard validation procedure that all players go through. At the moment, due to the large influx of new users, everything really happens with a slight delay. I am sure that soon you will be validated and withdraw your winnings))) " User: " Yes, they confirmed and issued a withdrawal for a long time, just did not write immediately, sorry!) " I hope it is clear what the essence of the messages is and how they will be in the general mass of other messages that influence conversion. The Method of earning money cast on such a forum, accompanied by discussions with the administrator, gives good results. For traffic users, there is also an opportunity to comment on the forum, but their comments are published only after moderation. It is better to simulate activity on the forum all the time while you generate content through it. It is enough to leave 1-5 messages a day to make the forum look alive. An important component of such a forum is a well-assembled semantic core. And, of course, the site itself must be SEO-friendly. I will not help you anymore. I will not show the site and I will not give a list of keywords; I myself use this technique now ? This forum is the main part of success. Back to the case I had a problem: initially my site was fully optimized for Russia, with texts in Russian and generally about other casinos... In general, I decided to duplicate it and change the content, only the skeleton and the engine remained. Most of the content from the copy had to be cut out and redone based on the fact that I'm going to upload BobCasino and PlayAmo. I also had to do a complete redesign and new SEO optimization, but for me it was not difficult. The new design was done by the designer, and the optimization was carried out by a familiar SEO specialist who did everything for half a day for little money) I immediately realized that it would be difficult to translate all the content into 3 languages in order to work with four GEOs, and then I decided to focus on Poland. I chose Poland because about half a year ago I talked with one arbitration team in Kiev. These guys have been generating gambling traffic for several years now. They told me that online casinos in Poland give a very high conversion rate. Then I had a chance to test this hypothesis and it turned out to be true. So now I decided to try to take advantage of the experience and expectations were justified. After the site was ready and hosted by a Polish hoster, I realized that it would not immediately rise to the top of the search engine. I completely forgot about it, because I'm not a CEO. You had to wait. But there was another way out: Google Contextual Advertising. I decided to distribute traffic across the pages of the site in order to increase activity on it and send 85% to the pages of the forum in order to get a conversion into a deposit. Later I found out that my ads can be pushed through without gray schemes. This is probably due to the fact that online casinos are legalized in Poland and it is possible that BobCasino and PlayAmo generally have Google certificates for this country. I’ll not talk about the account settings of the ad. But I will share a secret: there are not many keywords and they are often used for casino topics. One keyword brings 90% of the conversion, all others account for the remaining 10%. Perhaps you can increase the number of keys and the result will improve, but I'm too lazy. xD The cost per click for my requests turned out to be quite loyal - an average of 47 Russian rubles per click (0.62 USD). A fake forum gives a good conversion. At the moment, the statistics (without organic traffic, few visitors are still getting to the site from the search) for two offers looks like this: My site just recently began to appear in the Google search results for some queries that most often appear in messages on the forum. Some even get into the top of search results. The SEO result has appeared, but it needs to be improved. At the moment, it was possible to convert 4 deposits from search queries - this is not enough ? There were only about 100 user clicks on the site from the search - there is room to grow! The potential of the method is huge, although I don't yet understand how much it can be scaled ... The fact is that Google does not provide an opportunity to increase the number of clicks and the number of requests is limited, and making copies of such sites is quite difficult ? I hope that due to the forum that the site will attract more live traffic from search results. Maybe even a fake forum will become real as a result ... I have already been left with several real comments, to which I and 40 of my alter egos have responded. You need to watch to understand what happens ? At this moment the costs for the case amounted to 162,000 rubles in Google Adwords Earned in the CPA network 6640 euros, which is equal to 504,640 rubles. The current ROI is 210% PlayAmo's offer and you can get the best conditions for it in theCPA network Gambling.pro ? In short, these are the things, I was glad to share! Space profit everyone! Just like mine ... = P If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755
  14. Case for the lazy: Converting teaser traffic to Gambling Hello ? Once I was approached by a webmaster who had not previously worked with the Gambling vertical, but wanted to try himself in this. He needed a “method” from me, which I didn't have at that time ;-( I have already distributed all my working topics to my guys and giving the new affiliate one of the old methods would mean betraying 1 to 4 of my partners)))) I didn't want to miss the web, which I also didn't want to contact, there was no time and free resources to create a new approach for pre-landing, so I had to figure out how to get a positive ROI using pre-landing templates from advances. The only adequate option that came to my mind was to suggest to the new web to try using the Etarg teaser network and start working with optimizing the source, not the pre-landing approach. How can Etarg be optimized? You can set personal prices for teasers for each site. Why is this needed? If you see that a teaser converts traffic well on some site, then you can raise the price for this teaser for 1 site in order to buy more traffic from that site. If you see that a teaser does not convert well on some site, then you can lower the price for it to such a level that its CR is within the payback range and you end up making money anyway. You can create a blacklist based on teasers. If traffic is not converted from a teaser on some site, but at the same time it is converted on others, you can lower the price for a specific teaser to the minimum so as not to buy out unprofitable traffic. You can make an ordinary blacklist by site. But I don't do that in Etarg: the network is very small, if you often send sites to the blacklist, then you risk being left without traffic at all. P.S. All this functionality is available only on the Etarg VIP account, which you will receive when your turnover exceeds 200k, or you can purchase it for 6 thousand rubles. Until you have a VIP account, you can do all the same manipulations through your personal manager. For example, you want to raise the price for a teaser - you throw the teaser ID and a new price to the manager. You can do the same with the rest of the parameters. Ok, we figured out the source. I also chose the offer myself - I took Vulkan 24, for registrations, under the teaser rating - 135 rubles for registration. I chose these landing pages, in my experience - they have a good conversion in teaser networks: 1.http://a.lucky-games. space/click?pid=666&offer_id=508&l=1502898282 2.http://a.lucky-games. space/click?pid=666&offer_id=508&l=1502898279 Now I had to quickly collect the rest of the creatives for Etarg and set up analytics. We didn't plan to do pre-landers, so we immediately got into AdvanceTS and Publer, where we dug up 4 relatively fresh pages (and one terribly old one, but the webmaster persuaded me to take it). Below are links to the pre-landers we used. As you can see, these are template pages that everyone uses. These are my options that hang on my domain: 1.http://russia-info.pro/hunky_millionaire 2.http://russia-info.pro/malakhov_lucky 3.http://russia-info.pro/student_fighter 4.http://russia-info.pro/dubai 5.http://russia-info.pro/tadjik We chose pre-landers, installed all the scripts we needed (metrics, trackers, etc.) on them, and moved on to teasers. We also decided not to bother with teasers and not make them individual for each pre-landing, but simply took the 5 most popular approaches for gambling creatives and decorated them with pictures. We used: ATM Money/Coins Luxury girls News Targeted creatives with slots Successful creatives — we partially included ATMs, coins and girls Unsuccessful — targeted and news creatives did not come at all Title: Bought Masserati at 18! Description: According to the student, he earned money for this car... Don't show after: 1 click Pay for: Clicks Title: Why is nobody talking about this? Description: You can get 3 million rubles a month just by... Don't show after: 5 click Pay for: Clicks Title: You have 1,000 rubles in your account. Description: Try to play and win the jackpot! Register and win. Don't show after: 5 click Pay for: Clicks Title: The guy cheated the casino! Description: And shared the STRATEGY of how he beat the VOLCANO! Write it down before it’s deleted... Don't show after: 1 click Pay for: Clicks Title: Write it down before it’s deleted Description: People cheat the CASINO with this SIMPLE strategy... Don't show after: 1 click Pay for: Clicks Title: This cheating works! Description: Legal "hacking" of the system. See how it works! Don't show after: 5 click Pay for: Clicks Title: Student beat up by friend Description: For winning 74 million in a casino! Don't show after: 1 click Pay for: Clicks Title: Online casino! Description: Real money! Click and get rich! Don't show after: 5 click Pay for: Clicks Title: A chance to stop being a beggar Description: In just 40 minutes a day you’ll increase savings by 120% Don't show after: 5 click Pay for: Clicks (!) Please note: Each teaser has a restriction "do not show after click" — be sure to use this setting, otherwise your ad will be shown to the same users Tested this way: The offer was launched on two campaigns segmented by device. Mobile traffic was purchased in the grid on the advice of the manager (he argued that this is quality traffic and is suitable for a casino). 1. Advertising campaigns were set up as in the screenshots: We show ads only in static teaser blocks, both in the desktop and in the mobile campaign! Campaign settings for Desktop traffic: Daily, Russia only, Stationary devices, All browsers Campaign settings for Mobile traffic: Daily, Russia only, All mobile devices (only), All browsers 2. Split 2 pre-lands at the same time. During the test, we did not change teasers (we optimized and disabled what does not generate traffic at all), did not change the landing pages and campaign settings. 3. For each pre-landing, from each source (platform), we sent 1-2 conversion prices (135-260) and looked at the payback. It took about 15-18 thousand rubles to test each pre-landing and more than a week. During the test we worked with negative ROI, about -30% As a result, it took us about two and a half weeks of time to test all pre-landers and about 50 thousand of the budget (from which we returned 70%). 4. We launched our teasers at a slightly higher rate in order to test them faster. At the start of testing, the cost per click for the desktop was 4.5 rubles, and for mobile, 2.5 rubles per click. Thus, we could collect the statistical cuts we needed in a short period of time and quickly optimize teasers using personal prices and blacklisting on certain sites. Based on the results of the test, we received 2 methods, according to which we have been working for a month (01.10.2017 - 30.10.2017): The 1-st method remained for the desktop (the girl was detained in Dubai + landing page 2): http://russia-info.pro/dubai/ http://a.lucky-games.space/click?pid=666&offer_id=508&l=1502898279 The 2-st method on the mobile traffic (a guest worker became a millionaire + landing page 1) http://russia-info.pro/tadjik/ http://a.lucky-games. space/click?pid=666&offer_id=508&l=1502898282 P.S. By the way, I have an assumption that a connection with a migrant worker is better on the mobile phone because many of them simply do not have a PC and they use smartphones and tablets) How we optimized in source To make it easier to optimize campaigns, we immediately set up a postback for Etarg. This feature shows leads in the internal statistics of the teaser network. If your tracker does not support two-way postback, you can write a separate script that will take the postback from the tracker and transfer it further to the teaser network. If the site showed CR lower than what we need for a positive ROI, then we did not add this site to the blacklist, but simply calculated the most favorable price for it in order to make a profit. Interestingly, for those sites where we set personal prices, we received the best feedback from the advertiser regarding the quality of traffic. If we didn’t use this strategy with personal prices, but simply entered advertising sites into the blacklist, we would have reduced the amount of traffic by 2 times, otherwise our blacklist was empty. How personal prices work Let's look at an example of how personal prices work. We put 4.5 rubles on the Cinema theme, since 135 rubles were originally paid for the lead. From each site, we sent traffic twice the amount of a lead and only after that we analyzed the site: - if the site had a high conversion rate, prices were increased - if ROI was negative, then decreased - if there was no lead at 2 costs, add the source to the blacklist. *site categories, sites and personal prices While we were testing traffic, the advertiser agreed to raise our bid to 300 rubles, because of the high quality ? After the payouts were raised, we cleaned up our blacklist and re-tested the traffic sources. For each site, the budget was again used at double the cost of the lead. At first, we did not buy VIP status and worked with personal prices and backlist through our manager - he put down personal prices for us. After a while, we got tired of the manager answering for a long time, especially outside of working hours, and therefore, by the end of the second week, we bought a VIP and began to deal with the optimization ourselves) As a result, we learned how to set everything up to the maximum in our AC. This is how our ads looked with personal prices. I give an example of one, but everyone was like this: * no picture (!) Note: we tested each new ad from scratch, without personal prices; practice has shown that the effectiveness of a teaser differs from source to source. After tests and optimization, we got two methods for desktop and mobile traffic. We did not optimize the obtained methods for cravings during the next month, only changed the rate and edited the blacklists. As a result, we have been working on this case for more than a month and the only thing we do is replenish the account with Etarg. Well, sometimes we add 1-2 new teasers. ROI of course for such a method is as big as for a unique one, but for a lazy case - just fine ? As a result, for a month of work on optimized campaigns, with a rate of 300 rubles per registration, we got the following statistics: Desktop traffic statistics (01.10.2017-30.10.2017) Mobile traffic statistics (01.10.2017-30.10.2017) Offer statistics in the CPA network (01.10.2017-30.10.2017) * no picture Total for the month (01.10.2017-30.10.2017) for optimized campaigns: Source: Etarg Consumption at the source: 109,135 (mobile) + 196,307 (desktop) = 305,442 rubles. Income in the CPA network: 443,100 rubles. Profit: 137,658 rubles. ROI: 45% ... well almost 50! )))) You can get all Vulcano offers and the most top rates in the Gambling.pro CPA ? Thank you all for your attention, I hope you liked our case and was useful = ^. ^ = If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755
  15. Practical manual for Gambling Hello! About a year ago, I posted a Gambling manual on my blog, in which I described in detail how to work with offers in this vertical. A few months later, I once again revised and supplemented my manual, namely, its practical part. I added several important descriptions of the goals, gave examples of statistics for specific sources and approaches, where real conversion rates and EPCs for the most popular offers of this topic can be seen on a scale. Until now, this work has not been public, because it was posted by CPAclub, for local celestials ? Today, waking up in the morning in a great mood, I thought, why not disclose this information in my blog? Nobody reads it anyway XD I also decided to supplement the manual again, and add new methods that I have come up with recently. So, I present an updated gambling manual, the most complete version that is)) Target audience selection for Gambling offers (who to look for — target audience portrait) If you think that the gambling audience is homeless people who are looking for income, then you are very mistaken! And this is proved by almost 2 years of my work in this field. The gambling audience — is entertainment: adult sites, online cinemas, game portals, torrents, and more, you can use the topic of earning very carefully. If you work directly with sites or through a teaser network, then keep in mind that movie platforms, adult sites and entertainment sites work best. In terms of quality, they also show good results. In terms of target audiences, I have 2 main vectors: the first is balanced, self-sufficient people who play in casinos and other games for pleasure; the second — impulsive, emotional and gamblers. Accordingly, the approaches to these two target audiences are different. For the former, information about licensed scripts is important, for example; the latter will respond even to a simple deposit bonus. People who play in casinos often play other online games, donate money and get no real value. They deposit money for fun. These are people who are bored and looking for a way to have fun, to spend time. They are not puzzled by the problem of "what to live on", they have money. Not that much, but enough for life and entertainment: the same trips to the cinema, online games and casinos. People with a lack of money are not the target audience of the casino. Think for yourself - will a person invest his last money in dubious ways of earning money if he is hungry? No. Or - this is an idiot whose instinct for self-preservation has atrophied. I'm sure there are such people and there are quite a few of them, but the quality of this traffic will most likely not suit the advertiser, since having lost the last money this player will no longer return to the advertiser's site. Portrait of the average player. Men of active age (from 24 to 45 years old) with a job. Such an age audience has more free funds at their personal disposal, and the younger the audience, the lower the solvency. The typical gambler loves to relax after working with a bottle of beer in front of the monitor with his favorite slot machines. The casino is always at hand, the chance to win and withdraw money in a convenient way is also. Support operators or personal VIP-managers will also help brighten up the evening, who, in addition to active work, can also be a psychologist or a person to whom you can express any thoughts (colleagues, wife, etc. will not know about this). A casino player may be addicted to computer games. The main motives of the players: 1. Gambling addiction; 2. The only (or preferred) way of earning money; 3. The presence of its own system of play, strategy, desire to test it; 4. Desire to earn some money and spend it on other entertainment and girls; If we work on a broad target and analyze the age of active players, then we can see the following picture: men aged 18 to 25 — 10%, from 25 to 40-70%, and — 20% If you work in all categories of interests, then the following work best: cinema, adult and dating, social networks, entertainment. Worse, but you can try too: games, work, finance, cars. If you split all the landings of all possible advertisers, then responsive pages, which load quickly and on which the player receives some significant bonus, definitely work best. If you split all kinds of approaches for pre-landers, then the best results are shown by pages where all information is presented to the user as natively as possible! Use all sorts of tricks: arrange controversy and throw off links in the comments, give people the opportunity to deceive you or make them search and find the information you need, direct them on the right path, forward, to conversion! But do everything so that they think that they will make the decision themselves, without anyone's help. As for "deceiving you"... I’ve a mini-case, from which I’ll tell only a part, but the main one! Somehow I used a transit, in which I offered a person to download a training book for 3,000 rubles, which will 100% allow him to learn how to win amounts from 500 to 10,000 per day in a casino. Under the description of the book there was a button "Pay" and just below it, a gray, inactive button "Download", and right under the button "Download" was written nonsense, such as: ...<?php if (isset($_POST['Cкачать']) {// https://gambl.com/download_book}?>... Which clearly made it clear that the link with valuable information, hidden under the button, for which you have to pay, is here in absolutely free access, due to some error on the site. O_o And what do you think? People like mad downloaded the second part of the pre-land and read it with great interest: D And I would like to say a few more words about female traffic. There are no conversion statistics, because Gender is not indicated during user registration, but according to information from advertisers with whom I worked, there are many women among high rollers and VIP players and they are even more susceptible to gambling addiction. That is, you can work with female traffic, but be careful ? I think that we need to think over a separate approach for it. Creatives (most important) I would not say that in Gambling you need to worry too much about creatives, in terms of teasers / banners / posts and other promotions (there is no talk of pre-landers here, there you just need to think about creatives and think over a strategy for collecting the maximum data about traffic: mail, retargeting). And in the ads themselves, you just need to observe a number of restrictions and not do anything that will attract the wrong target audience. Do not promise quick money, do not use the word "free" (deposit, for example), exclude "earnings on the Internet" and similar messages — this attracts the wrong target audience. Do not use the amount of deposits in creatives and do not write motivating phrases — this can lead to a reject. Otherwise, you can do whatever you want to increase your CTR and EPC. Landing Pages What works well on pre-landers? I want to say right away that below I give the approaches that I myself use. But (!) I never or almost never use them in their pure form. I mix these approaches together. I can use 2 pre-landers, for example. Send traffic from news to a blog, collect emails there, further to Telegram, and already there, for example, modify the rest of the traffic by other methods. So what comes on pre-landers? Let's analyze the description of the methods. 1. News stories — about how someone won in a casino. But all this must be hidden inside another story, indirectly related or caused by the win. So that the winning itself is not the main theme, but implied. Or a story about how a lot of people were surprised by a certain event. For example: “secret information about the way of making money at the casino has got on the Internet... People are mad and quit their jobs. The casino owners are in a panic - how to save their business from the influx of "lucky" gamblers is not yet clear... People continue to win every day and in a hurry to withdraw funds to their online wallets... ". I think you get the point ? Variations of the news approach with an element of powerful social proof also work. Imagine! An example of such news: In Moscow, in broad daylight, near the exit of the Kitay-Gorod metro station (in the very heart of the capital), a cash-in-transit car was robbed, passing along the route between bank branches. The police arrived at the scene 7 minutes after the crime was committed, but the criminals had already managed to escape from the scene in an unknown direction. The police gave out an orientation around the city and after 25 minutes, not far from the crime scene, a man was detained, in his bag there were 850,000 rubles. The man did not offer resistance during the arrest, but during interrogation he said that he had nothing to do with what had happened. He carried money to this bank, and accumulated this amount over the past 4 months, playing in an online casino. “And it’s good that I didn't have time to give it to the bank!” The man said during interrogation... I think it's clear how the events developed further in this story. You can think of a lot of such incidents, since money gives a certain freedom even here - you can come up with much more stories indirectly related to money than, for example, with pills for potency) 2. Blogs of successful players — something from a series of product pre-landings, but about casinos. The page on which a person shares his real experience and success, talking about different methods of making money on the Internet. The stories can be very different, but we must not forget about the main thing: native, native and again native. Everything should be designed as discreetly as possible and cause a minimum of controversy. All targets that you set in the text and page design should not be intrusive. Everything should be hidden, read between the lines. 3. Pre-lands of adult themes. I recently had a whole article about this approach. Anyone who wants to get acquainted with the approaches of this topic - I recommend reading it! Everything is detailed there. Link to article → https://vk.com/@blondemind-konvertiruem-adult-trafik-na-gambling 4. Telegram channels and chats — a topic that is only a couple of months old. It has the least data and most disputes about the quality of traffic. This tool can be used in different ways. Someone uses this as an independent method, I use it as a tool for collecting an active target audience and increasing traffic. An example of using Telegram as an independent approach: Create a channel on behalf of a person or organization; place several conversion posts there, which will act as heating pages for traffic; and catch up with an active target audience by purchasing advertising for the channel in any sources convenient for you. People will subscribe and subscribe to the first posts. Those who do not convert and unsubscribe will be able to try to finish off in a few days by posting a new modification of the old "way to get rich". You can connect a live bot, get used to the role of a casino manager and communicate directly with your traffic. An example of using mixed methods: Let's say you buy advertising on your domain, on which the site with the article hangs, where you work “cleanly”, get to know the target audience, collect their contacts (emails, Skype, phones - whatever you want) and collect the retargeting database. On the collected contacts, for example, by emails, you can send people whatever you want that the teaser network moderation would not miss. This is where the conversion starts! You can already start carefully promoting your casino referral link by email and invite people to join your community in telegrams, which is hidden from law enforcement agencies and where you post even the most "dirty" methods of making money on online casinos ? In general, decide for yourself how to use this method. Both options work! By the way, in many advertising sources, links to the Telegram channel are moderated by autoapprove. What else is an endless source of traffic? The belief of the players that luck will smile at them today. At the same time, the player must be in control of the situation - for example, he must understand that he is playing according to a strategy, scheme, uses various techniques for playing in a casino, changes games, etc. The best casino player is the one who believes that everything is under his control. What else is desirable to do? It is advisable to collect contacts of the audience and retargeting groups so that in the future you can again contact active users. This can greatly affect the quality of your traffic. If you, for example, will periodically send out mailings with promotions from advertisers to your database and thus encourage old customers to replenish their account again. The conversion rate from retargeting campaigns is also quite high and can reach 30% from clicks to deposits. These campaigns generate less traffic, but they are much easier to launch because you already know the audience and know how to get them to act. Statistics indicators (CR, EPC, time) The average conversion rate of traffic from a casino, if you look at all sources, is 1:10 from registration to deposit. The conversion from clicks to registration depends on many factors. The indicators are influenced by creatives, landing pages, pre-landing pages, teasers, ad format, traffic type... Therefore, nothing concrete can be said without testing. Although, something can be said for sure. The strongest offers on the market in terms of conversion from click to registration are Vulkan Casino offers. In my opinion, the best of the multitude are Volcano Platinum, Volcano 24 and Volcano Grand. There are a lot of registrations for these offers, the conversion from click to registration from Instagram is within 1 to 10; you can even convert 1:2-3, for example, for the offers Vulcan Platinum or Vulcan 24. And with contextual advertising for target words 1:2-4 is an average result ? Other offers also work well, now you will see it with your own eyes. The bulk of webmasters are now working with Facebook and Instagram, after closed publics and mass liking in VK. Contextual traffic statistics: The above sources are the most popular for gambling offers. Less competitive sources — SEO sites, teaser networks, clickunder traffic, classmates, mass liking in VK, emailing. There are also statistics for these sources: According to time statistics, everything is unchanged. Conversion varies greatly depending on the season. In the fall-winter period, the most active days are Friday and weekends. In the spring-summer period, on the contrary, the activity is lower on weekends, and evenly on weekdays (the peak falls on Friday). Spring-summer period: Friday from 16 to 22 Moscow time is the most favorable time. From Saturday to Sunday, the activity is low (many are resting, active events, trips to rest, etc.). From Monday to Friday, smooth growth and peak on Friday. Fall-winter period: The most activity is observed in the evening, but the peak falls on Friday and weekends; on weekdays, especially on Monday, activity is lower. GEO The conversion from registrations to deposits, as well as the number of high rollers, and, accordingly, the quality of your traffic, are highly dependent on GEO. All the figures that I gave above, as well as the average conversion rate of 1:10, are more applicable to Russia than to the CIS. The most targeted GEO for Vulcan casino is Russia, because 95% of all high rollers come from this GEO. In the top in terms of converting to high rollers on RU GEO, of course, cities with a million people, headed by Moscow time and St. Petersburg. Conversion to high rollers for the rest of GEO: 3% - Kazakhstan and 2% - other countries. In the CIS, the conversion from registrations to deposits is very different for the worse, and there are almost no high rollers at all: All countries 1:30 (average). If we consider in detail, then: 1.Ukraine - 1:15+ 2. Belarus - 1:20+ 3. Kazakhstan - 1:25+ 4. Armenia - 1:50+ 5.Azerbaijan - 1:50+ 6. Uzbekistan - Not worth working (always bad quality) 7. Kyrgyzstan - Not worth working (always bad quality) 8. Turkmenistan - Not worth working (always poor quality) 9. Tajikistan - not convertible 10. Moldova - not convertible In general, it’s better not to work with some countries at all. If you generate traffic on the CIS, work only with payouts for deposits! For registrations in the CIS, traffic very rarely passes KPI and usually does not suit the advertiser. In general, I would not recommend working only with the CIS, it is better to take the proportion of 70-80% of RU traffic and 20-30% of CIS. By the way, I would like to say a few more words about the type of traffic. As strange as it may be, mobile traffic is converted many times better than desktop traffic (if the advertiser can process it normally). And not only in deposits but also VIP players. According to advertisers' statistics, the most paying traffic comes from iOS mobile devices. VIP player statistics are 70% mobile traffic and 30% desktop traffic. Where to get traffic to Gambling? When we generate traffic for gambling, we most of all want to find a balance between the price of traffic (for us) and the quality of traffic (for the advertiser). High rollers — gamblers who often make large deposits at casinos — can significantly affect your activity, as well as your bet. Where to find them and where are they most? Of course, this is SEO traffic for keywords, contextual traffic from Yandex and organic traffic from iOS mobile applications. Usually, for 300-700 first deposits comes 1 high roller — this very much depends on the traffic source. With SEO and contextual, organic sources, this figure will drop towards 300, and with clickunder traffic, for example, it will be about 700. If you are looking for teaser ads, then there is Etarg with its own movie platforms. I think you can also try MarketGid. I know that many people work with VisitWeb. News DA and Oblivki will come in, but there may be problems with moderation. Most people now generate traffic from Facebook and Instagram — these sources also show excellent results in terms of conversion and quality. Any sources are suitable for gambling where you can find an audience based on the portrait of the target audience described above. Now: Most often, casinos are poured from Instagram publics. FB and context - you will need to hide the traffic path here, but it's worth it. Organic applications in the AppStore and GooglePlay — there is very little such traffic and it is very highly rated at 800-1000 rubles for registration and 6000-8000 rubles for a deposit. SEO traffic from thematic resources is also not enough, and it is also very highly valued. Mass Liking on VK is in last place, because he died. But it is not exactly)) What does traffic quality affect? (!) Everyone who works with gambling offers should understand that the quality of your traffic is very important for advertisers. Advertisers are scrupulous when checking and evaluating traffic. What affects the quality of traffic? Traffic type + offer Not all advertisers know how to handle mobile traffic. Because of this point, on some offers, it may seem that the quality of your traffic is very poor. This is, of course, more the problem of the advertiser than of the webmaster, but the problem goes to the second. 1. The advertiser's sales funnel is exactly what was written about above + letters to email, stimulating to make repeated deposits and affecting KPIs. 2. Age of target audience 3. Interests of the target audience 4. GEO — CIS envelope in deposits is worse (on average 1:30) What you definitely shouldn't do Just a reminder) 1. Don't target age under 21 2. Do not try to deceive the advertiser (fraud) 3. Do not scale to other sources (or do it from other accounts so that you are not completely disconnected) That's all, about gambling. I have listed the main points and difficulties that await you when working with gambling offers ? KPI of most Gambling offers. Prohibited traffic types There was an article about it, almost a cry from the heart. There I described what exactly should not be done when working with this vertical. I will duplicate the part about KPI below. What advertisers do, how do they analyze traffic: All traffic and registrations and deposits advertisers analyzed (even where the payment is only for deposits); For registrations (on the first day and 3-5 days): CR from click to registration, from registration to first deposit, from first deposit to replenishment of a deposit; Activity, frequency of returns; Site behavior; The predominant type of action; Uniformity of some conversion elements; Percentage of email confirmations; Percentage of open messages from spam mailings; The number of first deposits; The number of deposit replenishments; First deposit and deposit replenishment amounts; After 3-5 days and After 14 and 30 days: Player Return Rating; The percentage of players returning from spam mailings; The number of first deposits and replenishments of deposits from old registrations; The amount of the first deposits and replenishment of deposits; After 14 and 30 days: Forecast for traffic payback time (when the advertiser's campaign reaches a positive ROI); It is prohibited to use as traffic sources: Websites with tasks (boxes), motivated sources, all kinds of cheats. In general, that's all. You can find offers and the best conditions in Gambling.pro ? I hope this material will help you start working with gambling! I love everyone,good luck ? If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755
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