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  1. Hey everyone, I'm 32, My name is Marek born in Poland. Living in Denmark since 2008. I am going to move to Cyprus soon in 2019. Also, I love to travel around Europe and Asia countries. I'm a full time marketer and freelancer my best place to work is Social media Facebook, Instagram. I'm focused on work with people, helping them grow on SM do consult work. I love every kind of investments. I have been investing in Hyips, Revshares and many others since 2013. I have lost a lot of money that time and finally earn them back I' am one of the best deal hunter with apps and everything that gives money for free like : Airdrops, mobile apps, testing aps for money. I' am Forex user trade myself and like to use PAMM trading, Proptrading cooperating with some companies. I have started investing in crypto early 2016 most mining PoW and PoS and buy and HODL for long-term. I do my own research for many projects and have them in my portfolio. (Btc, Eth, Stellar, Xrp, Ada, Neo, Tezos ect.) I do investments with whiskey - buying old good and unique bottles like: Macallan 1978 18 Y.O , Springbank 12 Y.O , Balvenie, Port Ellen 1982 26 Y.O. ect. I' am so excited to be part of this community, and looking forward to learning more from everyone.
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