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  1. Where can we place backlink while doing a guest post?
  2. Vlog: A video blog or video log, usually shortened to vlog, is a form of blog for which the medium is an video, i.e. as a form of web television. Vlogger: A Vlogger is a person who creates and uploads a video blog. You can look the Vlogger as being somebody who films his or her life rather than writing about it. Vlogging: It is a job and work who Vloggers would do each day to engage their followers and raise more views & subscriptions.
  3. JavaScript is just a language. node.js is not a language but an "environement/set of software" that runs normal JavaScript.
  4. What are the Do's & Don'ts in Social Media Marketing?
  5. Google Dance is an out-dated slang term used to describe the period of time in which Google used to rebuild its rankings, and as a result of this rebuilding, rankings of Web sites on Google's SERP may fluctuate in order during a several day period.
  6. It refers to the position that your ad occupies on a given paid search results.
  7. Hey Guys, What are do-follow links? Why it is important in SEO?
  8. Negative Keywords in PPC A type of keyword that prevents your ad from being triggered by a certain word or phrase is called as negative keywords. In negative keywords, your ads aren’t shown to anyone who is searching for that phrase and often it becomes a negative match. So, take a common example of negative keyword use i.e. ‘cheap’ (Google use ‘free’ as an example). Let’s say you make bespoke furniture or high-end watches; it makes sense that you would not want to pay for clicks from searchers looking for cheaper alternatives.
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