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  2. ✨ Three offers with very pleasant approval rates! We’ve got a new list of top approved offers. This week’s leader was Onixan, the anti-fungus remedy. In Italy, its approval rate was 45%. Parazax Complex has grown roots into our list, this time it’s got the second spot and a 43% approval rate in Switzerland. Cardiobalance with a 42% approval rate in Italy has earned the third position. Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!😉
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  4. [$800] The Greatest Minds: Mark Zuckerberg Win a single bet with an 11x multiplier (Rollover) and the rolled number has to have all 4 ODD numbers. 0.03 USD minimum bet amount (in any currency). Giveaway's Topic: https://forum .primedice.com/topic/40209-800-the-greatest-minds-mark-zuckerberg/
  5. Time to get yourself ready for the #MegaRace! ⌚ 90 minutes ⌚ 12:30PM GMT TOMORROW $10,000 100 winners
  6. 💬 AFFILIATE TALKS We’ve got another portion of written goodness for you today – an interview with Timur Sharipov, the owner of the Avalon affiliate team. Timur has told us everything about offer tests and Facebook bans workarounds in detail. We also talked about accounts, media presence, payout models (CPA/CPL), open positions in his team, and so much more. If you struggle with working with Facebook, then keep on reading, we have a lot of interesting insights here. Enjoy your reading: https://bit.ly/3fAGvLJ
  7. ✨Offers that’ll bring you high conversions as well as great payouts! And with high approvals🔥 Artrolux came in first in Austria with a 48% approval rate. Second place went to Parazax. In Swirzerland, this offer brings a 45% approval rate on average. Cardiobalance, the remedy for sustaining the cardic function has got a 43% approval rate in Italy. Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!😉
  8. Thanks for sharing this guide, it's really good and useful, especially for the newbies and the ones that have just started their affiliate marketing journey.
  9. Usually for promoting affiliate marketing PR doesn't mean too much to me, and as it can even be risky for getting banned, I avoid those activities.
  10. Agree on with you on this, I would just add that is also important to regularly check the campaign to see in which direction we are going, and this is something that should be done on a regular basis. Also, it is important that there is a compact strategy that should be followed in everyday workflow.
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  12. 💰 We’re giving out CASH! Well, dear partners, Webvork is never done giving out presents! We’re starting a promotion where you can get up to 170,000 rub added to your payout GUARANTEED💣🤑 💦 Drive traffic to Webvork offers from January 17th to March 17th: 💸 Get 1500 approvals and take your 170,000 rub guaranteed! 💸 Get 1000 approvals and take your 130,000 rub guaranteed! 💸 Get 700 approvals and take your 85,000 rub guaranteed! 🔥 You can bring more than 1500 approvals? Then do it and get a special prize from Webvork! Here are the offers engaged in this promotion: ✨ Prostatricum ✨ Keton Aktiv ✨ Cardiobalance ✨ Cistynorm ✨ Parazax ✨ Onixan ✨ Idealis ✨ Artrolux + (capsules and cream) And, almost all GEOs are running as well! Contact your personal managers to find out more information about offers, GEOs, and prizes. You have 2 whole months to increase your income and get extra cash! Countdown stars now! 😉
  13. Some tips that you can focus on to get success in affiliate marketing: Begin with a single niche and do not juggle multiple topics Find an affiliate program that pays a good commission and has quality products Always provide quality content to the audience Do not sell the product; sell the solution of the problem Build an Audience That Trusts You Carefully choose your marketing campaigns Keep up to date with the latest trends Use several traffic sources share some other things that are not included here and continue this topic. 🙂
  14. Great that you shared this, could be useful especially for newbies as I often see they are seeking for guidelines and new learning opportunities, so this could be really helpful for them.
  15. Great tips indeed, agree with the majority of them, especially the part that says to be unique, to promote products as they are your own, to choose adequate affiliate networks, and would highlight the part where you said don't stop, as people need to be patient and consistent here and not to give up if they don't get some quick results.
  16. Maybe the most accurate answer would be yes and no. Cryptocurrency is something that exist for a long time now, and there are places that already established this as a way of payment, so I don't think you would have some real issues regarding payments if you choose to make transactions on sites that are generally marked as safe. On the other hand, bitcoin itself has a lot of problems regarding its value which drops down a lot lately, so there is a risk of losing money if you invest too much in it. Think some other currencies such es Etherium are a better choice at the moment.
  17. Hi everyone! The winter holidays are over, so it’s time to get back to work at full pace😉! Our list of top approved offers will help you adapt to the new working routine. The first spot’s got Prostatricum in Switzerland with a 46% approval rate. Second position also has Switzerland on it — our last year’s find that we’re so proud of☺️. The Parazax offer earned a 43% approval rate in this GEO. Third spot went to Italian Cardio Balance with a 42% approval rate. Follow our list of top offers an earn that coin!😉
  18. Digital News is one of the leading and fastest information providers in India. Over here you can get the latest up-to-date news and tech information, health tips, guides, sports news, and so on. Read More : https://www.digitalnewsz.com
  19. 💡Incredible as it may seem, Facebook constantly bans people that are trying to work with it. So today, we’d like to elaborate on the topic of Facebook bans. Some affiliates don’t even understand why they’re being banned because they don’t even violate the community and advertising guidelines. If you don’t know the reason behind your bans too, then keep on reading.🔥 Enjoy the article: https://bit.ly/3qRuSoQ
  20. ✨ The first list of top approved offers of the year! Well, we’ve celebrated the New Year and it’s now time to think about what to work with in 2022. It’s easy to do with Webvork — our top-rated offers have been showing great payout and approval rates for years 😎 Parazax Complex took the first place in Austria — 49% approval rate, and the third place in Switzerland — 46%. The second spot was taken over by Prostatricum. The offer’s approval rate was 48%. Follow our list of top offers and enjoy your profit the whole year!😉
  21. Happy New Year everybody! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you are looking new affiliate programs to join! New year is here and new awesome updates are coming!
  22. Dear friends! ⭐Happy New Year to you! ⭐May a miracle happen in 2022 and there will be fewer bans, advertising campaigns will bring more revenue, and bad comments under your ads will appear less often. Let the profit from your sales flow to you like a river, and the cryptocurrency on your wallets grows. ⭐ We wish you patience and peace of mind, professional growth and good luck! We hope that in 2022 your work will bring you more pleasure and your profit will be higher. Well, Dolphin services will help you with this 😉 Hooray!
  23. In affiliate marketing you are basically connecting with others to promote their offers on your site and vice versa and get/give some comission based on that, which means you are working directly with publishers and advertisers, and in SEM you are making ads on Google or some similar browser and they choose based on your preferences where they will place your ads, and you don't make other ways of contacts with publishers here.
  24. Thanks for sharing, would say that the best way would be through paid ad, using YouTube premium and making some sponsored content.
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