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  2. MozBar is a free Chrome Extension that makes it easy to get link metrics and do all your SEO on the go. MozBar shows link metrics for pages and domains as you search, displaying the Domain Authority, Page Authority and number of backlinks for sites as you search.
  3. Best SEO Techniques To Get Rank Faster: 1. Publish Relevant Content 2. Update Your Content Regularly 3. Metadata 4. Have a link-worthy site 5. Use alt tags 6. Optimize for Voice Search 7. Focus on Topic Clusters Instead of Keywords 8. Create a Diverse Backlink Portfolio 9. Measure SEO Performance
  4. Best SEO Tools & SEO Reporting Softwares: 1. Google Webmaster Tools & Search Console 2. MOZ 3. Ashrefs 4. Screaming Frog 5. Bing Webmaster Tools 6. Data Studio
  5. Free online courses that will boost content writing skills: 1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google 2. Become a Better Blogger by Skillshare 3. Content Writing Certification by Hubspot 4. SEO Training by Udemy 5. Writing for the Web by Open2Study
  6. Different engines act differently. Generally, you can re-submit your web site once per month.
  7. Tips to get more views on Youtube: 1. Use Descriptive and Keyword Rich Titles 2. Have Quality and Keyword Rich Descriptions 3. Use Tags 4. Optimize Your Thumbnail Image 5. Create Transcripts of Your Videos 6. Provide Content that Educates or Entertains or Both 7. Use Guest You Tubers 8. Create Video Content that Imitates Your Industry’s Best 9. Increase Your Video’s SEO Ranking
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  9. Brahma Yoga is unlike other types of yoga in that its roots lie in Vedic astrology and Hindu. Brahma Yoga relies on the various positions of planets to dictate the type of yoga to be practiced.
  10. The reason Email Marketing is best are: 1. Target personalized content 2. Better brand recognition 3. Optimize your time and budget 4. Collecting feedback and surveys. 5. Generating traffic to your site.
  11. The key elements of a good SEO strategy: 1. Content 2. Keywords 3. Meta title and meta description 4. Backlinks 5. Social media 6. Online directories
  12. Facts about SEO: 1. 75% of SEO is off-page and 25% is on-page. 2. Page titles are the most important on-page element after content. 3. Persuasive meta descriptions under 155 characters increase click through rates. 4. Google+ is the highest correlated social factor for SEO ranking. 5. Around the world, 167 billion searches are conducted on Google each month.
  13. Best backlink submission to get a good traffic are: 1. Social Bookmarking 2. Forum Submission 3. Directory Submission 4. Classified Submission 5. Guest blogging
  14. Click-to-call refers to a type of Google Ads' ( formerly AdWords) ad that, when clicked, directly calls the business as opposed to linking to their website. These ads can only show on mobile devices; therefore, they are vital to mobile marketing campaigns.
  15. A hypertext link in the form of an icon or graphic element. Hypertext link are hyperlinks, or simply a link, is a reference to data that the user can follow by clicking or tapping. A hyperlink points to a whole document or to a specific element within a document. Hypertext is text with hyperlinks.
  16. Best Keyword Research Tools: 1. Google Keyword Planner 2. Google Search Console 3. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer 4. Moz Keyword Explorer 5. KeywordTool.io
  17. What are the types of affiliated marketing ?
  18. The most important SEO ranking factors are: 1. A Secure and Accessible Website. 2. Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed) 3. Mobile Friendliness. 4. Domain Age, URL, and Authority. 5. Optimized Content. 6. Technical SEO. 7. User Experience (RankBrain) 8. Links.
  19. The <a> tag (anchor tag) in HTML is used to create a hyperlink on the webpage. This hyperlink is used to link the webpage to other webpages. It's either used to provide an absolute reference or a relative reference as its “href” value.
  20. To Optimise for Google Answer Box: 1. Target Keywords that Already Have Answer Boxes 2. Target Questions as Keywords 3. Answer the Question Clearly, Quickly, and in Under 100 Words 4. Make Sure Your Answer Is Correct 5. Include Numbered Lists 6. Create a Table or Graph 7. Make a Rich Piece of Content
  21. Search intent (or user intent, audience intent) is the term used to describe the purpose of an online search. It is the reason behind a searcher’s query on search engines. It represents the objective the searcher is trying to accomplish. For example, someone might want to learn about something, find something, or buy something. Types of search intent: 1. Informational intent 2. Navigational intent 3. Transactional intent 4. Commercial investigation
  22. A bid strategy that automatically sets bids for your ads based on that ad's likelihood to result in a click or conversion. Automated bidding takes the heavy lifting and guesswork out of setting bids to meet your performance goals.
  23. คำนวณหวย การหาเลขเด็ดแบบเซียนที่คุณสามารถเลือกวางเงินเดิมพันได้ลุ้นการทำเงินแม่นยำมากขึ้น สร้างโอกาสลงทุนได้ลุ้นการทำเงินง่ายขึ้นอย่างที่คุณไม่ต้องมองหาเลขเด็ดจากที่ไหน หากใช้งานสูตรเข้ามาช่วยยิ่งเพิ่มความมั่นใจทุกงวด หลักสูตรคำนวณหวยแบบเซียนตัวจริง การแทงหวยให้เห็นผลสำเร็จในทุกการลงทุนไม่ใช่เรื่องยาก ด้วยหลักสูตรคำนวณหวยอย่างแม่นยำในทุกงวดที่ลงทุน โดยมีสูตรพร้อมใช้งานช่วยเพิ่มความมั่นในในด้านการลงทุนให้เป็นผลสำเร็จได้เงินรางวัลง่ายขึ้นดังนี้ สูตรหวยยี่กีแบบยกกำลังสอง – สูตรนี้เราจะใช้การหาเลขสองตัวล่าง โดยมีหลักการคำนวณง่าย ๆ จากการเลือกใช้ผลการออกรางวัลรอบที่ผ่านมาเข้าสูตรเ
  24. What is RPC in Google Analytics?
  25. Link juice is the term used to describe and measure how much power a backlink passes onto another site and therefore strengthens it.
  26. Ways to build natural Backlinks: 1. Offer Value Instead of Asking for Links 2. Make Your Content Targeted and Purposeful 3. Collaborate With Influencers 4. Search Q&A Websites for Potential Topics 5. Diversify Your Content Types 6. Identify Your Audience’s Favorite Channels 7. Guest Posting 8. Blog and Forum Comments 9. Spy on Competitors
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